OCTOBER 1-31, 2020

A road, mountain, trail, and stationary experience

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What is riding for rangers?


What We Do

Benefiting U.S. Army Rangers - now and in the future.

The R.O.C. - Ranger Outreach Center

The R.O.C. is the Ranger meeting place in Columbus, Ga. for active duty, veterans and family members to find likeminded professionals trained in transition assistance services. Opening early in 2021, The R.O.C. provides Ranger associations and groups to meeting and fellowship space in the heart of the Ranger community.

Funds raised during Riding for Rangers allows GallantFew to refurbish classroom spaces for transitioning Rangers to attend video teleconferencing programs, office space for Ranger entrepreneurs including spouses to get their start, and a community fitness area.

Ranger Scholarships

OnPoint 1-1 is dedicating their portion of the Riding for Rangers proceeds to Ranger scholarships benefiting Rangers and their dependents.

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